Officers of the Shire of Loch Bais

The Seneschal is the acting president for a group.Seneschal:
THLady Melisande le Piryere
The Minister of Arts and Sciences (or A & S) is in charge of education for the group.Minister of Arts & Sciences:
THLord Iain O'Donnell
The Reeve or Exchequer is the treasurer for the group.Reeve:
THLord Bran Finn hua Néill
The Knight Marshall is the person responsible for overseeing the training and exercising of the martial arts of the group.Knight Marshal:
Elric inn rauði úlfr
A group Herald is the person that is responsible for helping people choose and register their names and arms, as well as numerous other responsibilities. Herald:
Carabella the Crow
The historian is charged with keeping the records of the group for posterity's sake.Group Historian:
Lady Tachibana Hanako

The chatelaine is the person responsible for helping new members and trying to recruit interested people.

THLord Bran Finn hua Néill

info ~AT~

The Web Minister is the person responsible for maintaining a groups Website.

THLady Melisande le Piryere

melisande ~AT~



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